Our Philosophy

Herrington Academy will provide a nurturing environment for children and an unprecedented level of training to their teachers, which redefines early care and education programs.   We have adopted the educational philosophy of the Reggio Emilia schools in Italy which is recognized around the world as the pre-eminent approach to early childhood education. Herrington Academy participates in a series of professional development programs to understand this philosophy and implement it in the classroom. Parents, teachers, and children will be involved in shaping the program to adapt the strengths of these concepts to our North American context. Working together, we can enjoy the excitement of exploration and collaboration that characterize the Reggio Emilia schools.


These are some of the fundamental principles of the Reggio philosophy that inspire us:

  • Each child has a strong personal identity and possesses a great learning potential, which is recognized and nurtured by educators.

  • Teachers are considered researchers in this learning process. They observe, question and interact with the children as they learn. This interaction informs their practice.

  • Parents are integrated the educational process. The collaboration of parents, children, and teachers creates learning community.

  • As children’s work progresses, teachers document it and reflect upon it. They share this documentation with the parents, children, and community to help enrich and extend the study.

  • Children use many “languages” to express their ideas and to explore their world. These languages include symbolic and artistic means, such as drawing, sculpting, and painting, dramatizing and making music.

  • Creativity is emphasized in the program and incorporated in all aspects of learning.

  • The learning environment contributes to the child’s experience by providing a rich visual backdrop, along with invitations to explore and communicate discoveries.


Herrington Academy believes children have rights. They have the right to:


Express feelings • Make choices • Get dirty • Be respectful • Be successful • Make mistakes • Ask questions • Solve their own problems • Change their environment • Test their own ideas and theories • Build new understandings • Make friends • Find meaning • To Learn • Learn self-help skills • Have nutritious foods • Be respected • The truth • Be loved • Make a mess • Explore • Be clean • Be heard • Sleep when tired • Explore and discover • Laugh or giggle just because • Be alone • Be comforted • Be self-expressive • To dislike • Not participate •  Eat when hungry • Be creative • Investigate • Set own space • Be themselves • Say “no” • Be shy • Make suggestions • Be loud • Cheer • Cry • Be strong • Be weak • Try new things • Be Bold • Be included • Be safe • Have self-control • Teach each other • Learn good manners • Have their feelings validated • Have healthy, tasty foods to eat • Explore without time-limits • Be who they are • Feed themselves • Work at own pace • Be encouraged, not forced • Speak • Play with friends • Have their cultures respected • Make peace with one another • Learn about logical consequences • Safe playgrounds • Socialize outside their classroom • Contribute to their own educational experiences • Have a Reggio-inspired classroom • Determine when they are ready for potty training • Negotiate • Write letters • Sing out of tune • Dance of beat • Make music • Believe in fairies • Choose what they wear to school • Fix their room • Plant seeds and watch them grow • Develop their own hypotheses • Jump in puddles • Splash water • Mix up new colors • Make silly jokes • Watch the clouds go by • Pick wild flowers • Roll in the grass • Have caring teachers • Learn from books • Believe in magic • Be who they are • Use play as a way of learning • Dream.


Children's Rights
Summer Camp


Travel all around the world through our summer camp diversity activities.  We aim to  teach young children to respect and celebrate the differences in all people.  Join us this summer as we travel the world and learn about different cultures while having fun.  Grab your passport and come tour our Summer camp programs. 

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