Infant Program

We focus on:

  • nurturing and care

  • safety and security

  • engaging environment

Your child will learn:            

  • self-confidence

  • getting along with others

6 weeks to 11 months

Resources for Infant Milestones

Learning Approaches for Development

and School Success

A. Begins to show curiosity by exploring

    with the senses

  • Watches interesting objects

  • Turns head toward sounds

  • Looks at own hands and feet

  • Explores a new object

  • Feels different textures

  • Tries new sensory experiences

  • Explores while playing

  • Experiments with objects

B. Repeats actions

  • Continues to use, shake or bat objects for a purpose

  • Continues to kick objects for a purpose

  • Entertains themselves with objects for a short period

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