Infant Program

We focus on:

  • nurturing and care

  • safety and security

  • engaging environment

Your child will learn:            

  • self-confidence

  • getting along with others

6 weeks to 11 months

Resources for Infant Milestones

Learning Approaches for Development

and School Success

A. Begins to show curiosity by exploring

    with the senses

  • Watches interesting objects

  • Turns head toward sounds

  • Looks at own hands and feet

  • Explores a new object

  • Feels different textures

  • Tries new sensory experiences

  • Explores while playing

  • Experiments with objects

B. Repeats actions

  • Continues to use, shake or bat objects for a purpose

  • Continues to kick objects for a purpose

  • Entertains themselves with objects for a short period

Summer Camp


Travel all around the world through our summer camp diversity activities.  We aim to  teach young children to respect and celebrate the differences in all people.  Join us this summer as we travel the world and learn about different cultures while having fun.  Grab your passport and come tour our Summer camp programs. 

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